Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava), Spain – Aernnova has recently completed the acquisition of Structural Integrity Engineering (SIE), an aircraft engineering company headquartered in Chatsworth (California) with regional offices in Seattle (Washington) and Madrid (Spain). With this acquisition, Aernnova reinforces its growth strategy in North America and adds engineering and certification expertise that complements its aeronautical engineering division […]

AERNNOVA FINALIZES THE GRECO PROJECT During the last year, Internacional de Composites S.A. has developed the GRECO Project with the aim of increase its technological capabilities in terms of innovative technologies, increasing the involvement of Aernnova in research and development projects, promoting and driving the development of new technological capabilities. The objective of this proposal was the development of new […]
A BASQUE CONSORTIUM WILL LAUNCH AN INNOVATION NETWORK TO BOOST MANUFACTURING IN SOUTH WESTERN EUROPE January 7, 2019. The manufacturing sector is one of the main engines of Europe, where it has more than two million companies and almost 30 million people dedicated to it directly. However, the new needs of the market and society, the fast technological progress and the environmental and sustainability requirements are driving to a profound […]
AERNNOVA AWARDED WITH THE PRIZE OF INNOVATION IN PREVENTION OF LABOR RISKS OF MUTUALIA FOR THE PROJECT “AERNNOVA ZAINDU” Aernnova has received from Mutualia the prize for innovation in Occupational Risk Prevention for the “Aernnova Zaindu” program focused on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The recognition has been carried out within the framework of the IV International Congress of Health and Safety at work, and together with the rest of the finalist […]
RACER high-speed demonstrator passes preliminary design review milestone

Paving the way to the manufacturing of key components

AERNNOVA CONTINUES BETTING ON INOVATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT WITH THE PARTICIPATION IN THREE NEW PROJECTS, GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP, COMBONDT AND MACIZADO AERNNOVA STUDIES GRAPHENE ENRICHED COMPOSITE MATERIALS POSIBILITIES WITHIN GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP PROGRAM During first half of 2018 also core 1 of Graphene project has concluded. This project was part of GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP European program (H2020-FETFLAG-2014 – Proposal ID 649953). The project has been a partnership of Aernnova with Airbus and Antolín Group, coordinated by Chalmers University […]
AERNNOVA COMPETITIVENESS PLAN 2016 In June 2018, Aernnova Group has finished the implementation of the 2016 Competitiveness Plan, partially financed by the Spanish Government through its Ministry of Industry.
Spanish Aernnova delivers first Aft Pressure Bulkhead to Boeing 787 production line MADRID, Spain, May 3, 2018 – Boeing and Aernnova today celebrated the successful delivery of the first Aft Pressure Bulkheads to the Boeing 787 production line in South Carolina. The Aft Pressure Bulkhead is a dome-shaped structural wall at the rear of the fuselage responsible for maintaining passenger cabin pressure. The component -highly critical both […]
200 managers of Aernnova meet in Donostia-San Sebastián at the Annual Convention The 2017 Annual Convention of Aernnova has brought together in the Kursaal Congress Palace, 200 managers from the different manufacturing centers that the company has, inside and outside Spain. The meeting, which is hosted alternatively between Vitoria-Gasteiz (HQs) and another location, this time is held in Donostia-San Sebastián to where participants have moved, which, in […]