More efficient wings and associated structures

Aernnova has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of wing structures.

Our capabilities have allowed us to address the engineering and production of commercial aircraft wings for long-standing programs such as the Embraer ERJ-145 or the Beechcraft King Air.

We also address the complete management of programs of flexible scope in the case of secondary structures such as flaps, spoilers, ailerons or central wing boxes, as in the case of the Airbus A220 or Embraer KC-390.

Our strength and expertise in both engineering and manufacturing enables us to offer flexible, efficient and high quality products.

Wing design and manufacturing programs

  • h

    King Air , Baron & Bonanza

    Build to Print

    • Complete Equipped Wings. Project finalized in 2015.
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    Design & Build

    • Centre Wing Box (composites)
    • Tail Cone (composites / metal)
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    ERJ 135-140-145

    Design & Build

    • Complete and equipped wings, incl. flaps, ailerons, spoilers and systems
    • Engine nacelles, air inlet and thrust reverser.
    • Wing to body fairing (transf. to Embraer)
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    Design & Build

    • Wing Movables (Flaps & Ailerons) (composites)
    • Rudder (composites)

    Build to Print

    • HTP composite components (composites)

    Design to Build

    • Cargo Ramp and Cargo Door
    • Rear Fuselage I and II
    • Wing Main Box
    • Pylons
  • h


    Design to Build

    • Complete and equipped wings, incl. flaps, ailerons, spoilers and systems
    • Main Boxes
    • Flaps, Ailerons and Speed Brakes
    • Systems: Electric, Fuel and Actuators

Other Product Families

  • Fuselage sections

    Aernnova designs and manufactures rear fuselage sections for commercial aircraft and helicopters

  • Empennages

    Our capabilities have enabled us to design and manufacture the VTP of the Embraer E170-190.  

  • Movables and Secondary Structures

    Extensive experience in the design and/or manufacture of movable surfaces, doors and nacelles.

  • Composite Components

    We manufacture components that reduce weight and improve the efficiency of aircraft.

  • Metallic Parts

    We manufacture a wide range of metal components and subassemblies for major programs.