R+D and Environment

Aernnova with ACARE

The development of aviation technology in Europe is committed to the ACARE platform objectives, which Aernnova is part of, and whose purposes guide our R & D activities.

Clean Sky II

The environmental objective of the Clean Sky “Smart Wing” is to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of medium and long range aircraft between 10 and 20%, with a 5-10 dB noise reduction goal.

Aernnova is responsible for development of the main wing box and the monitorised assembly of new “SMART wing”, integrating other partners’ parts.

Our participation is focused on laminar wing behavior improvement which would reduce friction and increase overall performance and emissions reduction.

Aernnova also will integrate a new wing structural monitoring system developed with our own technology, which will also be validated in flight tests. This system called, SHM PAMELA ™ detects real-time damage and defects in the wings and will be installed for the first time without wires and will allow intelligent communication between the wing structure and maintenance personnel.

Other R+D programs