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    This Ethical Channel is the way all members of the organisation make mandatory communications of facts or behaviours that may involve, by action or omission and by a member of Aernnova, of any risk or failure to comply with the law, the Code of Ethics or the preventive measures that form part of the Criminal Risk Management System.

    Aernnova guarantees the adequate management of the communications made through the Ethical Channel. The form above will initiate the procedure to admit the communication to be to processed, which will be analysed and treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions and principles contained in this Regulation.

    The identification of the person who communicates and non-compliance action or matter through the Ethical Channel will be considered as confidential information and, therefore, will not be communicated without their consent to the denounced party, or to the rest of the members of the organisation (with the exception of the Management Team of the Ethical Channel and those people expressly contemplated to instruct and decide with regard to the file), guaranteeing the reservation of the identification of the author of the communication and avoiding any type of response by the denounced party as a consequence of the communication. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the data of the people making the communication may be provided to the administrative or judicial authorities, insofar as this may be required by said authorities as a consequence of any procedure derived from the object of the communication, as well as to the persons involved in any subsequent investigation or administrative or judicial proceeding initiated as a consequence of the investigation. This communication of the data to the administrative or judicial authorities will always be done in full compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data.

    Aernnova undertakes not to adopt any form of retaliation, direct or indirect, against people who, in good faith, have communicated any irregularity through the Ethical Channel.

    Any communication that has been made but in which the person who made it does not appear sufficiently identified, does not comply with the requirements regarding protection of personal data or when, in a clear and obvious way, the action subject to the communication does not constitute an irregularity, will not be admitted.

    The final decision to refuse a communication for being processed must be communicated to the author of the communication, together with a concise written declaration of inadmissibility reasons. The foregoing is understood without prejudice to a possible subsequent reopening of the record in the event new facts or circumstances known by the Management Team that so recommend it.

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