Vision & Mission

Aernnova’s mission is satisfying the needs of customers and society as a whole, with safety, quality, efficiency and respect for the environment, thus contributing to the development of the sector. Aernnova is one of the leading companies in aerospace components at a global level.

This strategy would be supported by the following strategic levers: Full technical and operational reliability; Long term cost competitiveness and flexibility, innovation and growth.

  • Full technical and operational reliability

  • Long term cost competitiveness

  • Flexibility

  • Innovation

Full technical and operational reliability

  • Strong concurrent design & manufacturing engineering (manufacturing cost & weight)
  • Programs & risk management
  • Continuous KPI’s improvement (objectives, monitoring & improvement programs) by activities and programs.

Long term cost competitiveness

  • Lean Processes, procedures and organization (direct and indirect labour, structure and overhead costs included).
  • Facilities size and occupancy
  • Automation and quality costs
  • Dollar and global sourcing


  • Flexible scope of products and services, tailored to specific customer needs.


  • New technologies and materials.
  • New solutions, services and working methods.

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