Assembly technologies

Automated drilling and riveting

Aernnova has more than 15 years experience in automating assembly operations through the use of various cells drilling and riveting machines that, from a suitable programming and simulation, allow accurately join components, sustained quality and highly competitive cycle-times.

At the same time, Aernnova has developed different types of machines and cutting tools for hybrid unions of composite and metal parts.

Special processes

Aernnova is certified by all our customers to develop key special  processes within aircraft assembly such as the application of sealants, paints, surface preparation, use of cold-work, Permaswage or anodizing techniques, shot- peening, etcetera.

Laser Projection

The projection of laser light patterns on the product, allow us to position parts within tolerances, reducing positioning time, avoiding number of tooling and related measurements. It also enable us to verify of various assembly operations performance.

Assembly simulation

Mediante la utilización de software de última generación se realizan diferentes tipos de simulaciones tanto de montajes concretos, con objeto de validar secuencias de operaciones, accesibilidades y ergonomía, como de plantas completas para el análisis de flujos, ocupaciones de instalaciones industriales y detección de cuellos de botella.

Using state of the art software, we are able to conduct different types of simulations: From specific assemblies in order to validate workflows, accessibility and ergonomics, to complete plants simulation for flow analysis, industrial facilities occupancy and bottle-neck detection.

Systems Installation

Aernnova está capacitada para la instalación de los diferentes sistemas que forman parte de una aeronave tales como circuitos eléctricos, hidráulicos, actuadores y mecanismos, asi como sus tests de conformidad.

Aernnova is capable of installing aircraft systems such as electrical circuits, hydraulic actuators and mechanisms, as well as the comformance tests.

Non-destructive Inspection Techniques

We carry different types of product quality inspections through advanced techniques based on non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic, infrared thermography, eddy current, laser interferometry or dye penetrant.