Composite Technologies

Automated Tape Lay-up (ATL)

ATL allows quick placement of prepreg, on flat and slight curvature tooling. By an auxiliary cutting head, it is possible to laminate and cut, skins, ribs or spars.

This technology enables us to manufacture large pieces with high productivity.

Hand Lay-up (HLU)

HLU involves the manual placement of prepreg on a tool, subsequently cured under specific conditions of temperature and pressure.

This technology is used in monolithic or sandwich component manufacturing for aerospace and other industrial sectors.

RTM & Infusion

This is a process of placing dry fiber fabric and injecting resin into a closed mold, which is subsequently cured after application of heat. Allows to process dry fibers preforms, increasing the mechanical properties of the material.

Filament Winding

This process involves winding or prepreg dry fiber on a mandrel which rotates around an axis.

Head capacity allows us to manufacture machine parts with complex shapes.