Engineering Services

Product and Process Engineering

We are able to meet programs technical requirements and milestones, providing the best teams to solve specific problems in the design, stress analysis, weight, testing or certification, effectively integrating our teams with the customer’s.

Aernnova is an approved organization for design (DOA), production (POA) and maintenance (MOA) as certified by European Airworthiness Authorities (EASA).

Product Engineering Services

  • AES_1st_Torsion_mode_Fus

    Conceptual & Preliminary Design

    Conceptual and preliminary definition and analysis of primary and secondary aircraft structures: Definition of basic lines, interface documents, technical requirements documents, weight targets, pre-sizing and loads estimation

  • Foto Ingeniería FEM

    Detail Design and Stress analysis

    Detail & Preliminary definition and analysis of primary and secondary level aerostructures including the integration of associated systems: MBD 3D Models, 2D Drawings, detailed sizing and Final Element Modeling (FEM), stress reports for first flight and certification

  • Ensayos A380

    Testing & Certification

    Extensive experience in structures certification & development testing for all kind of materials and scopes (static, fatigue, damage tolerance, residual strength, lightning and bird impact tests). Ability to perform certifications in levels 0 (materials), 1 & 2 (subcomponents) and 3 & 4 (components & structures)

  • Berantevilla (7)

    Support Services

    MRB, continuous improvement of product design, technical support to the fleet and failure analysis

Process and Manufacturing Engineering Services

  • Fotos Sistemas de Ensamblaje

    Assembly & handling systems

    Assembly lines, handling systems, Final Assembly Line stations, process engineering & industrial consultancy

  • Fotos Utillaje compuesto

    Machinery for composite components manufacturing

    Hot drape forming machines, extrusion machines, turning devices, special machinery.

  • Elevator A350

    Jigs & Tools

    Assembly Jigs and Composite Tools