Fuselage sections

Fuselages with a more efficient design

Aernnova has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of fuselage sections.

Our capabilities have allowed us to address the complete management of programs of flexible scope in forward and rear fuselage sections for commercial aircraft and helicopters.

Our combined engineering and manufacturing capabilities enables us to offer the most efficient solutions.

  • A380 Airbus


    Design & Build

    • Horizontal stabilizer: Leading edge, trailing edge and joint box components and equipping. (composites/metal)
    • Rear fuselage: Sect. 19 internal metallic structure
  • Beluga XL Airbus

    Beluga XL

    Design & Build

    • Rear Upper Fuselage
  • 747-8 I/F The Boeing Company

    747-8 I/F

    Design to Build

    • Wing Box Skins, Spars and Stringers
    • Spoilers and Ailerons
    • Fuselage Section 42
  • 747-LCF The Boeing Company


    Design to Build

    • Swing zone & latching mechanism
  • E170-190 Embraer


    Design & Build

    • Horizontal stabilizer
    • Vertical stabilizer
    • Rudder & Elevator
    • Rear fuselage incl. pressure bulkhead
  • KC-390 Embraer


    Design & Build

    • Wing Movables (Flaps & Ailerons) (composites)
    • Rudder (composites)

    Build to Print

    • HTP composite components (composites)

    Design to Build

    • Cargo Ramp and Cargo Door
    • Rear Fuselage I and II
    • Wing Main Box
    • Pylons
  • NH90 Leonardo


    Build to Print

    • Complete rear fuselage
    • Tail boom
    • Front fuselage composite panels
  • Superpuma EC225 Airbus Helicopters

    Superpuma EC225

    Build to Print

    • Lower & Upper Structure (Floor to Floor).
    • Tail Boom
    • Components & assemblies
  • EC-135 Airbus Helicopters


    Build to Print

    • Rear Fuselage Skins (composites)
  • 505 Jet Ranger X Bell Helicopter

    505 Jet Ranger X

    Build to Print

    • Floor assembly
    • Mid-Cabin assembly
    • Forward Fuselage assembly
  • S-92/H-92 Sikorsky


    Design & Build

    • Rear Fuselage (ATT) & Aft Transition Tailcone
    • Horizontal Stabilizer
    • Engine Cowlings & Main Rotor Pylon (composites)
    • Cargo ramp
    • Systems: Electric, hydraulics and actuators

Other Product Families

  • Wings

    Aernnova has designed and manufatured the complete wings of the ERJ 145

  • Empennages

    Our capabilities have enabled us to design and manufacture the VTP of the Embraer E170-190.  

  • Movables and Secondary Structures

    Extensive experience in the design and/or manufacture of movable surfaces, doors and nacelles.

  • Composite Components

    We manufacture components that reduce weight and improve the efficiency of aircraft.

  • Metallic Parts

    We manufacture a wide range of metal components and subassemblies for major programs.