Transition and manufacturing of the main landing gear doors for the Airbus A330

Powerful management capabilities

In 2007, Airbus chose us to face an important challenge: Tackle the transition from a non-European partner, for the manufacture and direct supply to the FAL at Toulouse of the 100% of the A330 Main Landing Gear Doors.


Since it was a transfer made in parallel with sequence manufacturing, the error margins were reduced to the minimum.

To complete this project satisfactorily, the importance certain elements would have was clear from the start, such as the careful management of risks, correct task planning, and the effective assignment and sizing of resources.


A Project Team with a Program Manager and a Technical Project Manager was formed, as well as two teams of 15 people, formed by moulders, assemblers, ultrasound inspectors and production and quality engineers, in order to work side by side with the supplier and return to Aernnova dominating the process and the product.

In parallel, a team of 10 people consisting of manufacturing engineers, production and maintenance staff, among others, was in charge of preparing the Aernnova’s Coasa factory lay-out with the input of the manufacture process information reported by the Project Team.

As a result, at the end of 2008, COASA undertook the first deliveries to FAL, assuming 100% of the rate at the end of 2009, thus culminating an exemplary transition where the customer valued products quality and met deadlines very positively.

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