Aernnova in Mexico

6 years of successful growth


The project born with the main objective to offer Aernnova capabilities (Complex Aerospace Structures Assembly, Engineering, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, Project Management and Manufacturing of Metallic Components) to our customers in the North American market at competitive costs.

Among the main challenges faced to accomplish this project, in a country with limited but in development aerospace tradition, was the need of developing the complete infrastructure, from a technical and human capital point of view, in order to be able to compete in the market while complying with the required industry quality and productivity standards.


The project would be based on two manufacturing business units: Aernnova Aerospace México, dedicated to the assembly of large aerospace structures and Aernnova Componentes México, dedicated to the fabrication of metallic components.

In January 2008 started the construction of industrial facilities finishing in December of same year.

In parallel, an extensive staff training plan was deployed and conducted in Aernnova headquarters and already stablished facilities; the Quality System was developed and customer certifications were obtained.

Afterwards, different industrial transitions of internal programs were undertaken to ensure the correct running of facilities and processes.

Next step was securing new contracts and customers supported by the developed infrastructure and gained experience during first years. While amount of work and complexity was growing, additional capabilities and capacities were developed (Supply Chain, Program Management, Lean-6 Sigma Management, etcetera) which has already place Aernnova México in an excellent position to get market share in the North American market.


Up to now, there have been six industrialization projects in Aernnova México which have proven the capacity & capability to manage all kind of projects: Internal manufacturing transferences (CRJ 700/900, S-92), transitions from customer’s facilities (Beechcraft) and even development projects as the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, where Aernnova took part from concurrent engineering and detail parts manufacturing to the assembly of complete structure of the first prototypes.

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