Movables and Secondary Structures

Movable surfaces, doors & nacelles

Aernnova has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of secondary structures such as movable surfaces (rudders and elevators), doors and nacelles for main commercial programs.


  • A350 XWB Airbus

    A350 XWB

    Design & Build

    • HTP Assemblies and Components (composites)
    • Elevators (composites)
    • MLG Bay Bulkhead (composites). Customer: Sogerma

    Build to Print

    • Rudder
    • 2 & 4 passenger doors

    Design to Build

    • Wing Fixed Trailing Edge. Customer: GE Aviation
  • A380 Airbus


    Design & Build

    • Horizontal stabilizer: Leading edge, trailing edge and joint box components and equipping. (composites/metal)
    • Rear fuselage: Sect. 19 internal metallic structure
  • A330 Airbus


    Build to Print

    • Elevator Components (composites)
    • Main Landing Gear Doors (composites)
  • A320 Airbus


    Build to Print

    • Elevators (composites)
    • Main Landing Gear Doors (composites)
  • C295/CN235 Airbus Defence & Space


    Build to Print

    • Cowlings Assembly (composites)
    • Nose Landing Gear Doors (composites)
    • Elevators
  • CRJ 700-900-1000 Bombardier

    CRJ 700-900-1000

    Design & Build

    • Horizontal stabilizer
    • Vertical stabilizer
    • Elevators
  • KC-390 Embraer


    Design & Build

    • Wing Movables (Flaps & Ailerons) (composites)
    • Rudder (composites)

    Build to Print

    • HTP composite components (composites)

    Design to Build

    • Cargo Ramp and Cargo Door
    • Rear Fuselage I and II
    • Wing Main Box
    • Pylons

Other Product Families

  • Wings

    Aernnova has designed and manufatured the complete wings of the ERJ 145

  • Fuselage sections

    Aernnova designs and manufactures rear fuselage sections for commercial aircraft and helicopters

  • Empennages

    Our capabilities have enabled us to design and manufacture the VTP of the Embraer E170-190.  

  • Composite Components

    We manufacture components that reduce weight and improve the efficiency of aircraft.

  • Metallic Parts

    We manufacture a wide range of metal components and subassemblies for major programs.