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Aernnova Évora

May 03, 2022 – Embraer and Aernnova concluded today the strategic partnership agreement and the acquisition of the two companies located in Evora, announced in early 2022.

With 500 employees, the Évora sites manufacture, among others, components for wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizers for Embraer’s aircraft programs such as the Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 executive jets, the two generations of the E-Jets family of commercial jets and the multi-mission aircraft KC-390 Millennium.

Hamble Aerostructures

In January 31, 2020 Aernnova acquires the aerostructures business that was owned by GE Aviation Systems Limited in Hamble (United Kingdom), a business specialized in the design and manufacture of components in composite materials which has as main contract the components of the trailing edge of the A350 wing. With this acquisition, the Group has consolidated its presence in the British aerostructures market, where it had no presence to date. The Hamble acquisition has established a base of operations for Aernnova in the UK, one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense markets, with a highly skilled workforce.

With Hamble, Aernnova’s design and manufacturing capabilities are increased, which complements its product portfolio, and strengthens the company’s position as a Tier 1 provider of multiple civil and defense programs.

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