Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of Ethics

Long-term commitment to excellence

We are aware that business performance, on the basis of the corporate ethics, is what makes us a reliable and sustainable business & partner.

Commitment to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety of employees and the development of the communities in which we operate, is a key aspect of Aernnova’s strategic planning and continuous improvement of our products and services.

As an outcome of this approach, Aernnova has received significant acknowledgements from customers and public/private institutions, which strengethen our long-term commitment to CSR.

  • Code of Ethics

  • Quality & Security

  • Environment

  • Health & Safety

  • Social Development

Quality & Security

Aernnova’s Advanced Quality Planning (AAQP): Quality is the result of effective planning, anticipating and proactively managing risks to ensure that things are done right the first time.

Every half second takes off or lands an aircraft with our products in it, and that makes safety our top priority. We work closely with clients and airworthiness authorities to ensure the safety of the aerospace industry.


ISO14001 Management System requires the identification of the key impacts to the environment and the development of risk mitigation plans. These plans also reduced consumption of natural resources, waste and emissions generated in the processes.

Health & Safety

Policy deployed in all companies and locations of Aernnova integrated within the quality management and environmental management systems.

Social Development

Aernnova has been implementing different actions to support the NGO “Allianza por la Solidaridad” for several years