Project SuCoHS

Project SuCoHS

The SuCoHS project investigates potential weight and cost savings in expanding the use of composite materials in areas of demanding high thermal conditions (high temperature and fire).

Aernnova Engineering Division, SA will play an industrial partner role, fixing the requirements for new material development, supplying knowledge into design of composite parts with new hybrid material and detailed modelling of structure (analysis methods, material modelling, allowables).

Aernnova Engineering Division, SA  will implement the new materials into an aeronautical structure design (at PDR level) in order to evaluate the potential implementation of these materials and their impact in industrial aspects as cost, weight savings.

Aernnova Engineering Division, SA  will provide a subcomponent representative of a tailcone and finally, Aernnova Engineering Division, SA  also will contribute in the creation of the test plan (large coupons and small subcomponent).

Find project first newsletter at the following link:

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