R+D and Environment

Aernnova with ACARE

The development of aviation technology in Europe is coordinated in ACARE platform (Advisory Council for Aviation Research in Europe). Platform within which Aernnova is part of “working group 2” for the improvement of industrial leadership and whose aims also guide our activity in the field of R&D


Aernnova is a founding member of Clean Aviation and one of the entities that has expressed its ideas to the European Commission. The proposals in which Aernnova participates include new ideas and transformative concepts in the field of clean aviation that contribute to the objectives of the EU Green Deal.

Aernnova, together with the leaders of the European aerospace companies, such as Airbus, Safran, Leonardo, Dassault, etc and the entire value chain, has expressed its intention to co-invest in the “Clean Aviation” program and its future demonstration platforms to increase the proposed impact.

The “Clean Aviation Partnership”, foreseen in the new European R & D & I framework program Horizon Europe (“Horizon Europe” 2021-2027), aims to accelerate development and demonstration of integrated aerospace technologies towards deep decarbonization, while ensuring safety and security. It will help increase the focus on sustainability goals, environmentally friendly technologies and the engagement of new stakeholders in the field of electrification and digitalization.

Other R+D programs

Aernnova participates in technological development and industrial innovation projects in collaboration with our clients. A good example of this is (i) the wing of tomorrow initiative with Airbus, where through our UK subsidiary, Hamble Aerostructures, new wing trailing edge configurations are being developed or (ii) in Spain, a new carbon fiber flap concept that responds optimally to the high cadences challenges of future single-aisle aircraft.

The developments of new materials and processes, mainly in composite material, are being focused on their subsequent deployment in urban air mobility platforms, drones and defense applications that our clients are demanding.